This is a region of many names, and this multiplicity grants it a kind of mysticism. In Andries’ series ‘Moonland’ we travel across this vast space — to the highest village in India and through deep valleys and troughs. “I think there are two main reasons why I travel abroad,” Andries explains to us. “On the one hand, I get to immerse myself in the process. Being able to work on my photography day after day without interruption puts me in the right state of mind. At home, I am simply too distracted by daily tasks, and because my time feels more limited when I’m abroad, I tend to make gut decisions. The second reason has to do with the exotic, the unknown. This can trigger our senses much more than everyday monotony. You observe the environment much more consciously, the people and all these little details come to life. I like to compare it with childlike wonder. Like seeing snow for the first time. I decided to use this concept as a core for the series, to create a love-letter to Ladakh.” Andries spells out this love letter to Ladakh in his own words, and his own photographs, which follow below.